Jamesburg Easter Egg Hunt 2004

On Saturday, April 3, 2004, children gathered at the John F. Kennedy School to meet the Easter bunny and search for Easter eggs spread out over a portion of grass. Prizes were awarded to the children that found the most eggs. The event, sponsored by the Jamesburg Area Chamber of Commerce, was the first time in seven years that Jamesburg has had an Easter egg hunt. Mayor LaMantia, Superintendent of Schools Shirley Bzdewka, and J.F.K. School Principal Al Perno were present. The event was ran by Tomasso from Family Framers and Steven Philpitt, a local attorney and Vice-President of the Jamesburg Historical Association.

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The Hunt Begins! Searching
The Easter Bunny Waves Hello! The Yummy Prizes.
Counting Eggs More Searching for Eggs!
Children Gathering Around the Easter Bunny