The Season of Giving

      Jamesburg has always been known as a community that gives, which is something that makes our community a special place to live. When others have been in need, a neighbor, or the entire community, has opened their hearts and homes. As we approach the 2005 holiday season, the staff of the Jamesburg Network has deemed it appropriate to share information about charitable events and fundraisers occuring throughout the Borough. If you can help in any way, please consider it, whether it be time or monetary. Our community needs to remain strong for those who have less and for those trying to make a difference. We also applaud the efforts of Fiddleheads Restaurant, a new and vibrant source of community spirit in Jamesburg. They are helping to coordinate many of the programs listed below and partnering with other businesses and community organizations.

      Participation in any of these charitable events ensures that those around Jamesburg receieve the best. However, if you cannot participate in any of these programs, you are encouraged to donate your time to community organizations and activities. The strength of the Jamesburg community comes from its countless citizens who are constantly volunteering, attending events, and giving support to those in need. Become involved, be active. As Thanksgiving nears and the holiday season gets into full swing, all of us at the Jamesburg Network wish you a healthy and happy 2005 holiday season!