The Year to Save History: 320 Years in the Making
Jamesburg's History Mural located @ Borough Hall

"Save Our History"
      This year marks 320 years of known history in the area of Jamesburg, New Jersey. 320 years ago a Dutch farmer straight from Europe built a one-room house for his family. Little did he know that original room would eventually become one of twenty-three in Jamesburg's most famed mansion, Lakeview. Ever since that one room, Jamesburg has become a well established community of just under one square mile. Despite its size, Jamesburg is bursting at the seams with history. Founded in 1887 and named after James Buckelew, Jamesburg continued to exist as a thriving center and leader in transportation, education, and industry. However, after the coming of the automobile, Jamesburg fell behind and became a sleepy drive-through. After 320 years, Jamesburg is once again alive and ready to reflect upon its past that has somewhat become forgotten through the years. That is why the year 2005 has been proclaimed as "The Year to Save History." The pages in this section provide some insight into Jamesburg History, the Jamesburg Historical Association, Lakeview, and how you can help us attain our goal this year.

How You Can Help
      You can help preserve Jamesburg's rich history and traditions by considering five options for donating. If you can only choose one or all, your kindness will be appreciated. Most importantly, the satisfaction of knowing that the work we perform today will be enjoyed by generations to come is the greatest feeling of all.
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The following groups have assisted in saving Jamesburg's Lakeview Mansion.
Please return them the favor by visiting their sites and supporting their endeavors.

New Jersey Historic Trust
NJ State Council for the Arts Discover Jersey Arts Save New Jersey History
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The Jamesburg Network and the Jamesburg Historical Association

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