Snow Removal in Jamesburg

Some may think after reveiving 20 inches of snow, the Public Works Department did a fairly decent job with the snow removal efforts on the streets. I, myself, would applaud their efforts, yet there is one problem that exists in the Borough of Jamesburg.

The problem of cars being parked on the streets

     For the first time in my 14 years as a resident, I witnessed the Police Department order that all cars that can be parked off the street, do so. That was a necessary action taken by the Borough. So why all the commotion about this topic you ask? Well, it is very simple. Most people cooperated, yet some did not. Some even parked their cars on the opposite side of the street from their residence so that their side could be cleared to the curb and the residents across the street had a car snowed-in in front of their house. When people do not cooperate, it puts a burden on our plows, who now must go around the parked cars and dampens the nerves of residents. By going around, plows cannot clear the entire road from curb to curb, which would be ideal for many reasons. By clearing from curb to curb:      Taken these wonderful advantages, I call upon the Jamesburg Borough Council to enact Alternate Side of the Street Parking Rules when roads are snow covered. By designating the right side or left side of a road closed during a snowstorm, it will enable that side to be cleared to the curb.

In the downtown section of Jamesburg, it would allow all of the parking areas to be cleared in an efficient and timely manner.

Attempting to remove snow on East & West Railroad Avenues may become cumbersome when cars are left parked for days. By enacting an ordinance for parking, the areas can be clear and businesses can be sure that enough parking will be available for customers.

Hopefully these suggestions will work and catch the attention of some council members. Feel free to E-Mail and share your opinion and comments!

This is the beginning of a solution to a long term problem.