Tonkery Boulevard Street Festival

On Saturday, August 9, 2003, Tonkery Boulevard, more commonly known as West Railroad Avenue, was transformed for a third year into a pedestrian thoroughfare to host the annual Tonkery Boulevard Street Festival. Hundreds came out to enjoy the day-long celebration, despite the rainy beginning. Music, rides, food, vendors, antique cars, a monster truck, and many other attractions kept the street filled the entire day. One of the highlights was the burnout contest, which featured Jamesburg Mayor Tony LaMantia burning out in the DARE car.

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A Giant Slide and Mountain Climb! A View Down Tonkery Boulevard
Antique Cars A Domesticated Skunk!  Stinky!
Jamesburg High School Alumni Association The Greyhound Group
Mayor LaMantia Participating in the Burnout Contest Watching a Pickup Burnout