West Railroad Avenue Streetscape Project

Before...PNC Bank with Trees

Treeless PNC Bank

      PNC Bank has lost its trees, along with West Railroad Avenue going towards DiBirzzi's Pizzeria. Why were they removed? On July 8, 2003, four large trees stood tall and proud in front of the bank. However, on July 9, 2003, no trees remained. A couple days later, no trees remained between West Church Street and Forsgate Drive. Recent conversation with Borough representatives has brought upon the fact that the town received a $35,000 grant to improve the downtown section and had to be used. For cutting down trees you ask? Well, yes and no. The plan is to replace the trees with new trees (like the two in front of Gandy & Brown's Realty) and replace the sidewalks. According to the Borough, "We are using stamped asphalt or concrete so that we don't have the problem of weeds growing through or broken bricks coming loose. We have applied for additional grants to continue this project on East Railroad Ave." This is the first step towards beautifying the downtown area.

Updated as of October 2003:
Construction is almost completed.

New Sidewalks Minus The Trees

Updated as of November 2003:
Construction is done!

New Sidewalks and Trees New Sidewalks and Trees

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