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History & Mission of the Jamesburg Network:

Part of the Jamesburg Network       The Jamesburg Network was established in 2002 to bring the very best of Jamesburg to its visitors. After many unsuccessful attempts to create a viable portal for Jamesburg News and Information by other organizations, the Jamesburg Network was created. The Jamesburg Business Directory launched in 2000. In 2004 both jamesburg.info and jamesburghistory.com were introduced. The Network greatly expanded Jamesburg media coverage with these two additions. Look for the "Part of the Jamesburg Network" logo on the main page of our sites to ensure that you are receiving the best quality Jamesburg available.

The Jamesburg Network consists of the Jamesburg Business Directory, jamesburg.info, The Jamesburg History Archive, Jamesburg High School Alumni Association, and Gray Rock Supply.

  • The Jamesburg Business Directory (www.jamesburg.net) was established in the year 2000 to provide a way for Jamesburg businesses to be found via the internet. In order to compete in our ever-chainging world, Jamesburg businesses must be able to communicate beyond the boundries of our community and be embraced by the arms of the world wide web.
  • www.jamesburg.info is the third Jamesburg Network Site. The main purpose of www.jamesburg.info is to be "Your first source for Jamesburg News, Community Functions, and General Jamesburg Information".
  • The Jamesburg High School Alumni Association (www.jamesburghighalumni.org) was established in 2000 to preserve the memory of Jamesburg High School and keep its spirit marching on after its untimely closure in 1979. The site is host to a series of databases containing the names of all students and faculty that walked the halls of Jamesburg High School. The site is full of history and contains a picture gallery and pictures from the past.
  • The Jamesburg History Archive (www.jamesburghistory.com) is the official web site of the Jamesburg Historical Association. The site and association are dedicated to preserving Jamesburg's past with hopes of enlightening Jamesburg's future. The site is host to over 120 vintage postcards and images of Jamesburg from the 1880s - 1970s. Links to area history topics, publications, and information regarding the Historical Association can be found there.
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