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July 4, 2004 Celebration & Events

"Jamesburg, Come Discover Us"

Perrineville Road will be CLOSED from 3:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. from Forsgate Drive to Schoolhouse Road in Monroe Township on July 4th

Jamesburg July 4, 2004 Poster

July 4th is an important day in Jamesburg and for the United States. Cities across the nation celebrate the independence of the United States and Jamesburg will end the day with a big bang! Fireworks are set to go off from Thompson Park approximately 9:00 P.M. that night. Prior to the fireworks, vendors and tables will be lakeside.

This year, the Happenings will be performing lakeside beginning at 8:00 P.M. What's Happening for the 4th of July??
"The Happenings virtually exploded onto the national charts in May of 1966 with their first single release, "See You In September".

Today, the group consists of three principal members. With Bob Miranda at the helm, complemented by the outstanding musical and vocal talents of long standing members Bob Kulik and George Rizzi, the group is a powerhouse of nostalgia and contemporary material that truly captures the classic signature sound that has made The Happenings a worldwide favorite for 30 years! The Happenings continue to perform in concert arenas and major show rooms throughout the country. Their extraordinary vocal talent and unparalleled showmanship continues to consistently bring audiences to their feet literally everywhere they go!"

That evening the Thompson Park Entrance on Forsgate Drive will close around 5:00 P.M. Forsgate Drive between East Railroad Avenue and Gatzmer Avenue/Perrineville Road will close later to through traffic. In addition, West Railroad Avenue will be shut down from Forsgate to the West Church Street train grade. Willow Street, a one-way thoroughfare that heads toward West Railroad Avenue will also be shut down. Perrineville Road will be CLOSED from 3:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. from Forsgate Drive to Schoolhouse Road in Monroe Township.

Fireworks Over Lake Manalapan Parking will be available throughout Jamesburg streets. If you get in town before 5:00 P.M., you will be allowed to park in Thompson's Parks lots near the lake. The upper lots near the soccer fields on Perrineville Road will be open all night and shuttle bus service will be available to and from the fireworks. This option is best if you do no like to sit in traffic around Jamesburg. In Jamesburg, parking is available on East and West Railroad Avenues and all of the side streets. Some lesser known parking areas that may be available include the parking lots of the Jamesburg Post Office, Family Framers, Fleet Bank, behind Fiddlehead's Restaurant, and behind Little Wonder's Day Care all on East Railroad Avenue. Behind the Jamesburg Pharmacy lies another small lot which is accessibe from Willow Street or through the alley on West Church Street.

However, some of the best views will be from "Lakeview," (Buckelew Mansion) Jamesburg's Museum. The Buckelew Mansion is located on Buckelew Avenue across from Dunkin' Donuts overlooking the lake. Parking will be available there for only $5.00. The money will go towards the preservation of "Lakeview." If you do not want to go into the park to watch the performance, you will be able to see and hear everything from the pillared verandah of "Lakeview." Be sure to bring blankets and lawn chairs. Bug spray and water will be on sale.

Once you have found your parking spot, it will be time to find a seat. Everyone is encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets. Bug spray and plenty of water is also a must! Bleachers will be available in the park and those coming to Fireworks Over Lake Manalapan see the concert are encouraged to sit near the stage which will be set up on the "beach" at the lake. It will be an open stage so everyone can view the performance from whichever angle you choose. Some good spots for viewing the fireworks include: the field behind Jamesburg Borough Hall, along the shores of the lake, "Lakeview", the dam, and anywhere along East and West Railroad Avenues. Be careful near or on the railroad tracks...you never know when a train may come through!

Jamesburg sees over 10,000 visitors at the fireworks so be prepared for traffic. Come early to avoid the traffic jams and road closures. There will be a heavy police presence from both Monroe and Jamesburg. Police will also be walking and on bicycles. When leaving, watch for cars backing up and moving. Be prepared for traffic. But most of all, Come Discover Us and enjoy an unforgettable 4th of July in Jamesburg!
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