Help Save Lakeview Mansion, Help Preserve History

      Lakeview Mansion is in need of repair. After engaging in conversation recently with a member of the Jamesburg Historical Association, it is obvious that actions need to be taken soon in order to preserve the heritage and beauty that Jamesburg possesses. The major problems include a sinking foundation and leaking roof. However, problems also lie on the outside of the building and is documented in the pictures below. The house is rotting away and needs serious repairs to the physical structure. It would be most appropriate to have an engineer study the building, but that is too costly for the full volunteer association; it is hard enough to pay for the current repairs.

      Taking this into account, plus the fact that The Jamesburg Network promotes saving and appreciating history, this is an open call to ALL Jamesburg residents. The Lakeview Mansion needs our help. It needs youthful volunteers to dedicate their time, at the least, to save our town jewel. Local contractors, electricians, plumbers, handymen - anyone that has the time and wants to give back, should. Other community volunteers can be used in the house and on the grounds to spruce and clean up the property. The association has rakes, but no one to rake the leaves. Even just one Saturday afternoon would be a huge step towards making Jamesburg a better place. Remember, once something is gone, you can never get it back. Keep history alive.

The fencing surrounding the Buckelew Mansion is sagging and rotted in many places.

Cracks and splits in the wood are visible above the observatory.

At the rear of the mansion, a column is slanted, showing signs of age and stress.

Deterioration is evident on this corner piece at the rear of the house.

A chunk from the roofing material is missing.

Rotting and separating wood is evident at the rear of the mansion.
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