Jamesburg High School Alumni Association Picture Gallery

Take some time to view photographs of the Jamesburg High School Room at Lakeview, as well as photographs from the Associationís two All-Class Reunions and individual class reunion held over the past two years.

Pictures from the Past
Class Pictures from the Past
First All-Class Reunion: April 21, 2001
Second All-Class Reunion: April 26, 2003
Third All-Class Reunion: April 30, 2005
Fourth All-Class Reunion: April 28, 2007
JHS Plaque Signing and Installation: June 9 and 11, 2004
JHS Plaque Dedication Photos: June 13, 2004
Presentation at Jamesburg Board of Education Meeting: June 12, 2003
Class of 1953 Reunion: June 28, 2003
Class of 1957 Reunion: Date
Class of 1962 Web Site & Photos

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