Jamesburg High School Alumni Listings

      The information contained in this listing was obtained from Jamesburg High School permanent record cards and graduation programs. Graduate listings may differ from those published on graduation programs since some students were ineligible to graduate with their class but received their diploma at a later date. The permanent record cards for the early years were reconstructed during the summer of 1930 by Mr. Kenneth C. Coulter, the then Principal of Jamesburg High School, using records that were available to him. There are no permanent record cards for students prior to the 1912-1913 school year.

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Administration, Faculty, & Support Staff

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Explanation of ID CODE
63G-JONES = Graduate, Class of 1963
63 (1)(2)(3)(4)-JONES = Class and year student left JHS
(1) Freshman, (2) Sophomore, (3) Junior, (4) Senior
99U-JONES = Exact Student Information Unknown
89 (A)(F)(S)-JONES = (A)dministration; (F)aculty member; (S)upport Staff member

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