The Images that Defined 2005: A Year in Review

      The Borough of Jamesburg experienced many noteworthy events in 2005. From the snows of early 2005 to the Great Jamesburg Flood in the summer and the closing of Jonathon's Grill on the last day of the year, Jamesburg saw many changes and transformations this year. In this short photo essay the Jamesburg Network highlights some of the important events of 2005, some which will go down in the history books forever.

Blizzard of 2005
The Blizzard of January 2005, Jamesburg's first major snowstorm of the year.

Bernie Long Photo Day
In June 2005, Bernie's Photography celebrated with an open house at Family Framers.
Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein stopped by to show her support.

The 4th of July was once again celebrated with a beautiful fireworks display over Lake Manalapan.

The Great Jamesburg Flood of 2005 The Great Jamesburg Flood of 2005

The Sinkhole Forsgate Drive Closed
The Great Jamesburg Flood of 2005 hit July 17 with between eight and ten inches of rain within a matter of a few hours.
The effects were devestating, flooding downtown Jamesburg and leaving us with a sinkhole that closed Forsgate Drive until September,
making travel in Jamesburg just a little more difficult and closing the lower section of the downtown to traffic.

Garbage on West Railroad Avenue
The flood cleanup was massive, with many families and businesses' equipment and belongings ruined.

Veterans on Buckelew Day
The Jamesburg Historical Association celebrated Buckelew Day in September with the dedication of Buckelew Park and a flagpole on the property. In attendance were members of Jamesburg and Monroe Township Veteran groups.

Hurricane Katrina relief fund collected by the Elks of Jamesburg
In October the Jamesburg Elks #2180 pitched in to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina by collecting donations of food, clothing, supplies, and money.

The Lakeview Players Haunted House The Lakeview Players
The Lakeview Players hosted a hauted house at Lakeview Mansion in October and performed a dramatic reading of Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" in December.

The new Sweet William and Thyme Jonathon's Grill closed December 31, 2005.
This year Sweet William and Thyme rose from the ground while Jonathon's Grille falls to make way for a rumored Chase Manhattan Bank, which would become the fourth in less than one squre mile!

The Jamesburg Dental Center The Jamesburg SERV Facility
The historic Ippolito House reopened as the Jamesburg Dental Center this past spring. And finally, after years of litigation and construction delays, the SERV Center finally opened its facility on East Church Street.

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